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Techna Host

Learn about Techna's public bot hosting service that you can use! To get started, please contact Techna Support.

Access Eligibility

Techna Host is open to all members of the Techna Discord server for no cost. Join today to reap the perks!.

Server Specs

Some of our server specs is that we have our own dedicated RAM, eight vCPUs, 755gb of dedicated storage and more! By you donating to us, it can help us buy us more nodes to make it more unique.

Hosting Guides

For hosting guides and support, please refer to the #techna-host channel in the Information category of Techna.

Server Violation

Please keep in mind inactive servers and servers which are against TOS will be deleted with a warning.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regularly asked questions for all things about Techna.

  • Why was the server created?

    Techna was created to provide developers and customers alike a place to discuss projects, assist each other with coding, access affordable development services, and gain access to our Minecraft server.

  • Here at Techna, we stand by user privacy and do not give/share any information to 3rd parties. To read our Privacy Policy you can read it at tehna.xyz/legal.

  • Our server is accepting to all members. Even though you might not be interested into Technology, we still have other stuff for you. We host weekly giveaways, events, and have our very own Minecraft server.